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As the summer comes to a close and fall quickly approaches, I am so excited about all the things the Lord is doing for His people in the Kingdom, including myself. The fall season is a time of calming. It’s a time when all that has been sown in the seasons prior becomes aligned with the harvest. The harvest is not something we can control: we can only control what we invest, but the return is out of our control...

So it is in the financial world, it is in the spiritual world, and so it is when it comes to our bodies personally. This summer was full of hot dogs, ribs, overexposure from the sun, lack of sun tan oil with the not enough SPF, and being a little too free with our wonderful tresses. Sadly enough, it’s during the fall- the harvest when we see our “return investment”: weight gain, skin irregularities, hair that is not as healthy and lustrous as it was pre-summer season. It’s ok though... now that we know better, we can do better. Those of us who have done better can do our best this coming year. The great thing is we have a second chance!

This coming fall I have the privilege to be joining a celebrity stylist in her salon. As of September 2011, I will be joining Diane Da Costa and the Simplee Beautiful team in White Plains NY. This is an extremely exciting time for me, as I will be able to learn from one of the best, top natural hair care stylists today. I’ve already found out some really great tips on products from her salon (which I will be using as well), in addition to some great finds I came across myself at the local beauty supply store.

Some of the products used in the Simplee Beautiful salon include Jane Carter Solutions, Mizani and Phyto/ Phyto Specific. As time goes on I will be writing more information on these products along with how they perform on various types of hair. One thing I can talk about is the Phyto Specific Phytorelaxer. This relaxer system is hydroxide free, odor less and does not contain lye. It relaxes the hair without the use of harsh chemicals. Molecules from soya and egg are combined to create the formula to straighten the hair. This system is so great, it can be used on pregnant women (although many pregnant women get their relaxers faithfully regardless, those who stray away from relaxers during their pregnancy can use the Phytorelaxer).

In addition, one of the new products for the hair (and skin) is Argan Oil. Argan oil is natural oil which comes from the nuts of the Argan Tree, found only in the South West part of Morocco. The oil has many benefits including effectively repairing damaged hair, moisturizing dry and frizzy hair, and helping to prevent split ends. In addition, the oil restores shine in dull-looking hair, and helps to control and prevent dry and itchy scalp. Eco style gel not too long ago came out with their newest gel which contains Argan Oil. Earlier this year I wrote about the olive oil version of the eco style gel which is great as well. I used the newest gel with the Argan Oil when doing my double strand twists and my hair came out great! I would say this is a must have, and for the small price of about $2.99 (depending on what size jar you purchase).

In the world of color, there are color systems coming out that are ammonia free. I will be writing up on these types of systems as well. As the seasons change, the world is becoming more eco-friendly from head to toe. Harsh chemicals like ammonia, sodium hydroxide, and even formaldehyde (yes, the chemical used to preserve dead bodies has been found in hair products) are becoming restricted substances. Companies are shying away from these harsh chemicals which were once used. So for my chemically inclined sistahs, now there is a way you can be natural as well, without the drastic change.

So with that being said, it’s time to buckle down and get on our grind. It's time to get our hair back to the place where it was before we started to frequent the pools and beaches. For those of us who are contemplating going natural, the fall season is the best time to do it. It's time to transition again... Let’s Daniel 1:8 (purpose in our heart), and not let another year roll around and 2012 comes and we have not achieved our goals whether it be our weight, healthy lifestyle, or our desired look (cut, color, a weave style, etc.). As always, if you have any questions please email me at stacy@idesignbeauty.com. Until we meet again, take care beauties!








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