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My name is Stacy… and I have a soft spot for hair care products! On any given day, you could find me at your local beauty supply store, roaming up and down the aisles looking at the latest hair products. Now that I am two years into being natural, I have found how incredibly versatile my tresses can be. I can go from a wild curly afro, to a tightly coiled sleekly pulled back ponytail, to a flat ironed- relaxed look. Then I could cross over into braids, cornrows or even a weave should I choose- depending on how I am feeling!

Having been on all three sides (relaxed, natural and all things in-between), I have been through a plethora of hair care products. I have my top 2 products that have captured my love, and an amazing conditioner I found by default! See below for my findings and pickings.

Kinky Curly: Anyone that knows me knows that I live for this stuff! Kinky Curly is amazing. The Curling Custard is my #1 product. It leaves the hair very nourished and moisturized, and a little goes a long way! Now keep in mind, all natural products react differently on different natural hair types, so what works for one may not work for all. Miss Jessie’s is another great product. I used the curly pudding during my transitional stage, and after my “big chop”, when my hair was first growing out. When I was transitioning I used the curly pudding to set my hair on rods, which created a tight spiral curl. However, after some time the product began to flake up in my hair. I heard this from other women who are natural as well. A great way to prevent flaking is to mix the curly pudding with melted down Shea butter. This will prevent your hair from flaking, while still creating your desired style.

Mizani: This product line has come a long way. I would call Mizani the “one stop shop” for all hair types. From their Butter Blend Rhelaxer to their True Textures line (for natural hair), they have really done their homework regarding all hair types. One of my favorite products from the Mizani Line is Thermasmooth. This line can be used on every hair type. From natural to relaxed, tight coils to loose waves, this product is sure to get your tresses smooth, straight and shiny! My absolute favorite is the Thermasmooth Shine Extend. Shine Extend is an anti-humidity spritz, which is used with thermal styles. The great thing about this product is it can also be used as a finishing spray as well. I recently got my hair straightened and upon taking down my pin curls my hair was frizzy. One pump of the Shine Extend, and a light “do-over” with the flat iron smoothed my tresses out, and didn’t weigh my hair down. I would recommend Mizani to my natural beauties, as well as my relaxed divas!

Conditioners: I was in the beauty supply store looking for a deep conditioner for my daughters Zariah and Kyra. The children’s conditioners are not dense enough for their hair, but some of the adult conditioners are too harsh. In my search I stumbled upon an avocado conditioner for about $2.99. Can we say amazing! I used this conditioner on my girls, as well as myself and our hair came out so soft and moisturized after using it! This is indeed a best-kept (and inexpensive) secret! This proves you do not have to pay $15-$20 for hair products, there are great inexpensive finds for your hair, and you just have to do the footwork in searching.

Lastly, I receive many questions about hair care (both natural and relaxed). Between Twitter, Facebook, and being stopped on the streets of NYC, women of all ethnicities ask me for my expertise. Do you have any beauty questions? (hair, skin and makeup?) If you do, please feel free to email me at stacy@idesignbeauty.com! In the subject box simply right BEAUTY QUESTION. You may be featured in next month’s article! So, email me your questions, stay cool for the remainder of the summer and above all, be safe!


















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