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Pastor Thomas Cooper

Many of us have entered a season where we don’t understand what is transpiring. The pressure and weight of our daily circumstances tend to contradict and challenge our promise. It is in this season that we must embrace the thought that God is strategic. He’s a calculated God, A tactical God, and a God that doesn’t deliberate about what he is going to do as he has already activated his plan for the promised manifestations in our lives. Although at times it does not feel evident, God has already initiated the plan for your life. It is in the midst of unplanned, unexpected seasons that we must grip to his promise and not waver because of our surrounding environment. This is crucial because the environment we must inhabit in order to complete our process often challenges our mentality giving way for us to believe God is no longer in control.

Don’t let the complexion of where you are reflect on your revelation of what you believe God has promised you. It is in times such as these that we are pushed into leaning toward the fact that it’s easier to hear the promise than it is to possess the strength to attain it. This is an interesting place to be when Gods plan for you is in direct incongruity to what you had in mind in order to obtain the promise. It is within the calculations of God that specific events are experienced in our life. These types of events are permitted so that a spiritual aptitude is developed. God allows us into situations so that a natural tendency to do well is established. God ordained events are crucial to our maturity in God.

It is in our walk with God the authenticity of our personal ability sometimes is not recognized because of a deficiency in God ordained occurrences. God ordained occurrences are events permitted by God that we may accumulate facts resulting from specific dealings. This is where God exposes the truth of who we are in the midst of life changes. It is within these events that change takes place for our maturity in God in order to experience the power of God in the area we need to be introduced to God. Often we fail in certain areas because we have not seen Gods capacity in our reality. This process of necessity fosters a growth that gives us an ability to become what we have always been but have yet to manifest in the earth. There is something special about you and this turn in your life is about to expose you. What are turns? Turns are moments that God also uses to foster spiritual maturity.

Turns come in the form of unexpected life changes. Turns are heavy life implementations and must be spiritually discerned in order to avoid destiny derailment. It is within a turn that the seasons designed to mature you manifest. Seasons of attacks, Seasons of loss, Seasons of people walking away, Seasons of broken promises, Seasons of broken support systems, Seasons of being mistreated, Seasons of financial strain and Seasons of Job loss. The intensity of these seasons sometimes makes you feel as if every bit of you has been depleted. Here is the salvation in all this, God designed it. You are right where he wants you to be! You have come to the end of yourself where God is at his best. It is here God introduces us to another characteristic of his nature. Even though this place is painful and you feel like giving up, God is trying to get you to the place of recognizing and understand what he sees in you and what you have the ability to complete. Do not discount this season in your life, embrace it with confidence knowing that God has you right where you need to be.

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