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Lady Subrenia McDaniel

From early on in life until now Christmas, has always been one my most favorite times of year. It’s the time of year that I believe no matter what you have experienced throughout the year; feelings of love and togetherness are in the atmosphere. As a young child, I remember getting excited about the toys and other gifts that I would receive, along with all of the beautiful Christmas decorations that I would see everywhere. Now that I am older, I still get excited about those things, but for other reasons. Maturity has taught me that Christmas is about more than decorations and gifts; Christmas is about an ultimate act of selfless love.

God showed great love to us by sending himself to the world in the form of his son Jesus. Jesus was sent to pay the penalty for the things that we have done wrong. In response to the Father’s act of love, the Son responds in love to the Father by being obedient to His will. For these acts of selfless love, in return, the Father’s desire is that the world would love Him back and give Him their lives. It is amazing how one act of love will always perpetuate another. The reason that we feel the spirit of love and giving during the Christmas season is because of this one act of love that was demonstrated towards us.

When I celebrate Christmas now, I cannot reduce it to a mere holiday to eat, give gifts and be merry. I understand that it means more than that. It’s about one selfless act that changed the entire world and has caused me to respond...in love. Our God exemplified to us what the real meaning of Christmas is and what our posture should be during this season.

This past year has been tough for so many here in the New York area, but rest assured that there is hope! A tough season is always an indication that better is on the way. During this holiday season, let love overshadow every negative feeling. Let’s purpose that this year and the years to come we will not focus on ourselves, but we will focus on others. I believe if we bless someone else it will provoke blessings that are irrepressible. I pray that 2013 will be the greatest year of your life. Remember, Christmas is so much more than a holiday!

Merry Christmas
Pastor Subrenia McDaniel


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