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Reverend Keith Campbell

Restoration Christian Ministries COGIC, (also known as RCM), was birthed in June 2010 by its founding leader and Senior Pastor: Rev. Keith L. Campbell. Some would say the concept of RCM began way before its doors were opened. As early as 2009 a Bible study was started in the home of Pastor Campbell because of his passion for the word coupled with his God-given gift to teach and rightly divide the Word of truth. In February of 2010 God spoke to Pastor Campbell to host a prayer retreat, which would be the beginning of his own local ministry, Restoration Christian Ministries: “God’s House of Restoration.” After much prayer Pastor Campbell submitted his church under the tutelage of the Third Jurisdiction Church of God in Christ with presiding Bishop Frank O. White.

After two short years of ministry the vision for growth once again expanded the borders of RCM. By exercising audacious faith, RCM doubled their facility size and expenses in its acquisition of additional commercial space. The two-year milestone marked the transformation of the former sanctuary by tearing down walls, expanding the pulpit, creating a band pit, expanding the sanctuary size to double capacity, adding a children’s church, adding an administrative office, and creating a clergy lounge and pastoral study. This is transformation! However, like Nehemiah Pastor Campbell did not stop with the physical transformation of the former sanctuary into a beautiful edifice. But, as a result of their obedience, the church attendance tripled. Lives are being restored and the mission of the church is fully active. The mission of RCM is driven by four principles:

• Salvation,
• Deliverance
• Healing and
• Restoration

RCM continues to do great things by the will and purpose of God; it is a rapidly growing church. In 2013 RCM erected several auxiliaries and appointed a new Deacon as well as licensed four new evangelists. Lives are being restored as God continues to build an army of believers who are kingdom-minded and excited about the witness of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to souls so that their lives can be transformed.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God. So Pastor Campbell continues to cast the vision of excellence into the hearts and minds of the parishioners. So much so, RCM has invested in state of the art communication equipment and software to transmit the gospel of Jesus Christ with clarity during their worship experience. In addition to the growth in the media department into a multi-media ministry, RCM also boasts of one of the finest Worship and Arts Ministries, who in the near future will embark on the journey of releasing their very own worship CD.

Transformational growth is a great thing. So, as great things continue to manifest at RCM we invite everyone to join us for a worship experience that will edify, challenge and encourage your life. Why? Once there are lives to be saved and people to be healed, delivered, and restored the doors of RCM will forever stay opened. As of June 2013, RCM is currently three years old, yet it brings to the kingdom a wealth of spiritual maturity and ministry beyond its calendar years. RCM believes in the growth and development of the family as a unit.
RCM is a church that has big vision and a pastor with a heart for the people. “We must bring them by the family,” is our pastor’s motto. “Since prayer is the principle thing, we understand and see rapid, sustainable growth. RCM is God’s example of taking little and making it much by putting it into the hands of God.” As Pastor Campbell continues to impart God’s Word of divine truth into the hearts and minds of the people, RCM continues to see transformational church growth that is sustained by the spirit of the true and living God and for this we are grateful. “This is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes (Psalms 118:23).”

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"Rapid Sustainable Church Growth"
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