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Minister Nicole Azaa'n

Dear Man & Woman of God, You are the very leaders who admonish members to faithfully receive instruction in the Word, attend Bible Study & membership classes to not fall into a spirit of error or operate in wrong/false doctrine. You understand the necessity of consistent sound doctrine for healthy spiritual maturity.

Yet, many of you behave in the very way you despise regarding your health & nutrition. You will not receive sound instruction on the proper foods to consume, available resources to better your health, and the dangerous practices to change & avoid. You choose to “know” on your own & trust your judgment (“I can eat a little ______, even though the doctor has warned against it.”

Could it be that you are reaping in your congregants the same behavior that you sow in caring for your own body? Might you be receiving the same callous attitude towards the rhema Word you share as you have shown towards the Word of Wisdom God has placed in your midst regarding health?

Just as your members cannot change their lives & grow in God while refusing to hear the Word or insisting upon the truth of their own interpretation & impressions; so too, you cannot grow in health insisting upon maintaining the same poor eating & exercise practices.

There are those of us whom God has placed in the Body of Christ with a prophetic revelation for healing. It was to the prophet Isaiah (2 Kings 20: 6-7) that God gave 1) The divine assurance & decree that 15 years would be added to the life of King Hezekiah (2) The strategy or method to immediately reverse the disease & facilitate his healing.

“And Isaiah said, Take a lump of figs. And they took it and laid [it] on the boil, and he recovered fully.”

Despite his skepticism & Isaiah’s NOT being a doctor, nutritionist, physician or CDC employee, the Word revealed was accurate & included nutrition. Your recovery will undoubtedly include obtaining a fresh, rhema Word concerning the proper foods to restore your body to a state of vitality. Do not “despise the Word and trust in oppression” (Isaiah 30:12); thereby, provoking God to anger. He/she that has an ear, let him/her habitually hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church
(Revelation 2:7).

Decide to embrace the Word today. Manifest healing & wholeness in your life so that you can be an example to your members & testament to help others overcome. There is too much greatness in you to be limited, silenced or compromised through illness, fatigue, disease and exhaustion. Perhaps, you are “in shape” but concerned about another pastor or minister--maybe a family member. Share the information. Provoke them to good works! God has called us to overcome!

You are important to me. I need you to survive.

Nicole Azaán is an ordained Minister, Consultant & Coach with four distinct earned certifications, including Sports Nutrition. In an effort to improve the erosive effects of poor nutrition, miseducation, denial, minimization & enabling behavior in the Church, Ms. Azaán founded L.I.F.E. (Loosing Individuals From Effects). LIFE is The Wellness Division of Consuetude, which offers an integrated approach to Nutritional & Christian Life Coaching with emphatic attention to reforming the Church Culture of Complacency.

To schedule a consultation or receive more information, contact Consuetude:
646-450-1448| ConsuetudeEE@gmail.com|
www.Consuetude.wix.com/Consuetude| www.Facebook.com/Consuetude

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