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Nicole Cleveland on MARRIAGE - Nicole Cleveland is a minister, motivational speaker and author of “So He Cheated, Now What?” She is also the founder of Breathe Again Magazine and host of BAM - The Radio Show ( www.breatheagainmgazine.org ) Nicole & her husband teach couples how to rebuild, restore and increase the love after infidelity. Visit her online at www.nicoleconline.com or email her at nicoleconline@gmail.com

Marriage Evaluations

It’s interesting that we receive a yearly evaluation at our workplace but never at home. Truth be told, I look forward to my evaluation because I know I have hit all my goals for the year at my workplace.

Work Evaluations vs. Marriage Evaluations
Employees are fired every day because work performance is low. Productivity is down and the company is losing money. There was a closed session meeting in the board room regarding budgets and someone has to go. Seems like Mary is the person they are looking to fire because she is not doing what is expected.
The problem is no one told Mary what was expected. An employee should never be fired for something that was not in their job description.

Marriages are ending because no one bothered to perform a marriage evaluation. Think about it. If your spouse is doing something you do not like, it needs to be addressed. If they are spending the bill money or not meeting your needs, they need to know.

Truth be told, unless we tell each other what we like and what we dislike we will never know. The problem will grow until it just consumes your daily living. Don’t allow that to happen. Sit down twice a year and evaluate each other.

Be very careful in how you perform the evaluation. Don’t point fingers and bash. Do it in a fun and loving way. Ask the Lord for wisdom in finding the right words and tone. It will make all the difference.







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