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Nicole Cleveland on MARRIAGE - Nicole Cleveland is a minister, motivational speaker and author of “So He Cheated, Now What?” She is also the founder of Breathe Again Magazine and host of BAM - The Radio Show ( www.breatheagainmgazine.org ) Nicole & her husband teach couples how to rebuild, restore and increase the love after infidelity. Visit her online at www.nicoleconline.com or email her at nicoleconline@gmail.com

Looking for Love in the Church

Most of my single friends want a saved, Holy Ghost filled man serving in the kingdom of God. Its tugs at the heart strings for a woman to see a real man cry during worship.

"If he loves Jesus like that, I know he will love me."

In this day when the number of women outweighs the men, women are fighting for the chance to date a saved brother. Some are even settling to share their men. (Yes, even in the church)
Ladies & gentleman listen up - everyone in the church is there to be delivered from something, even the saved folk.

Meet Cheryl Post, a faithful usher and youth worker waiting for her husband. She knew she would be married and she knew he would be saved. (She also wanted him to be 6'3, Hershey chocolate complexion with a house and good job) She stood on the scripture “he shall give you the desires of your heart".
When the one she had been praying for joined the church she was sure God heard her prayers. Mr. Hershey was all that and some, or at least that’s what it appeared to be.

After time Mr. Hershey began to melt and became a different person. He was one way in church and completely opposite at home. What happened? How could this happen? He had to be saved because they met in the church. This scenario happens more often than not. It’s sad but true. Women and men are looking for their soul mates in the church and the fact that they go to church is supposed to seal the deal.
Look deeper, find out what that individual has been delivered from. If Cheryl would have looked deeper she would have found out that Mr. Hershey was only in the church because his grandmother was a member years ago. And he recently was released from prison for domestic violence.

Do your homework - You don’t want them to backslide on you.







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