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Nicole Cleveland on MARRIAGE - Nicole Cleveland is a minister, motivational speaker and author of “So He Cheated, Now What?” She is also the founder of Breathe Again Magazine and host of BAM - The Radio Show ( www.breatheagainmgazine.org ) Nicole & her husband teach couples how to rebuild, restore and increase the love after infidelity. Visit her online at www.nicoleconline.com or email her at nicoleconline@gmail.com

Liver or Lifetime?

“I can’t stand when my husband does that!”

“My wife drives me crazy when she does that!”

Being married for over 14 years has taught me to embrace our differences. In the early years I would just fuss over the small stuff. He didn’t want what I cooked..... He wouldn’t watch Lifetime TV with me.. Why won’t he just cuddle? After many knockdown, drag out “discussions” over our differences I threw in the towel.

God taught me that he created us different. No two people on this earth are the same. We are unique and that’s the wonder of God. The drawback is when two very different people become one in God (in marriage); we bring our differences with us. We don’t have to change our likes and dislikes according to our spouse.

He likes liver, I don’t....... She likes Lifetime TV, I don’t. There is no reason for heated “discussions” over liver or lifetime. It’s just not that serious. What is serious is that God called the two of you together to become one. What is serious is the fact that you love each other.

1Peter 4:8 And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves, for charity shall cover a multitude of sins. This means that love (charity) covers our sins, as well as our faults and differences.

Our love for each other should mean more than a difference of opinion over lifetime or liver.







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