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Nicole Cleveland on MARRIAGE - Nicole Cleveland is a minister, motivational speaker and author of “So He Cheated, Now What?” She is also the founder of Breathe Again Magazine and host of BAM - The Radio Show ( www.breatheagainmgazine.org ) Nicole & her husband teach couples how to rebuild, restore and increase the love after infidelity. Visit her online at www.nicoleconline.com or email her at nicoleconline@gmail.com

I’m Sorry!

The lack of these two little words in your relationship can cause much turmoil. Think about it. On the surface it’s just seven letters. When you look a little deeper, those words have a great deal of power. ¬†Power to restore, regain and rebuild. What’s the big deal? Say it, get it over with and move on. Seems easy enough. But to most these two small words are the most difficult to say. I’ve even heard people joke that they can’t say “I’m sorry.” “Those words are not in my vocabulary” they boast.

In my opinion that’s nothing to be proud of. As children of God we should walk in humility.When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom. (Proverbs 11:2) Marriages are destroyed daily because no one wants to be the first to say I’m sorry. My husband and I have been there. Walking around the house looking stupid, trying to avoid one another. Talking to the kids, but not one another. That’s just foolishness!

In speaking to other couples I’ve heard things like, “If I say it, that will mean they win’ or “I’ll apologize when he apologizes”. What the spouse is really saying is “I own up to the fact that I was wrong but I’ll only acknowledge it if he will. I don’t care that we have a family, home and have built a life together. This argument / issue is worth giving up everything.”

You may not have actually said it but the actions say it. The silence says it. The argument says it. So what happens? Couples play poker with their future and sometimes crap out. One is waiting for the other to fold and no one shows their hand.

Times goes by, silence (or fighting) has escalated and the enemy has slipped in. The issue now has been super sized and pride has kicked in. This is dangerous. Proverbs 16:18 reads “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall” Because of pride people have died, lost homes, divorced, are in jail, quit good jobs, left churches and the list goes on and on.

Look what happened to Queen Vashti. (Esther 1) ¬†The King sent for her to come and she refused. I’m sure she was dealing with pride for her to flat out disobey the King. “Who does he think he is?” I’m sure she thought Queen Vashti never imagined she would destroy her relationship with the King from one decision. Just like some of us. We decide what we’ll do and won’t do based on our emotions.

Those fickle feelings on the inside will most times lead us in the wrong direction. Especially when we are full of pride. Don’t let the lack of those two little words destroy your home. Don’t let pride take residence inside you. Just say “I’m Sorry” My husband and I are in competition to see who says sorry first.
Yes, we get in flesh and mess up. The contest is who says it first. Make it a contest in your home too!

Guess what? He’s in the lead!

Stay Blessed!







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