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Inside and Out!

At this point we’re nearly half way through the summer, so it’s time to do a check-in to make sure we are taking care of our bodies- both inside and out. About two-thirds of our body is water, and when we don’t have sufficient water we can become dehydrated. Did you know dry/itchy skin, constipation, sneezing, headaches, nosebleeds and acne are just some of the ailments associated with not drinking enough water? During the summer months, prolonged sun exposure can help aid the above ailments- so you may have dry/itchy skin and think it is from the rays of the sun, or as a result of an allergic reaction, but it could be as a result of your body being dehydrated and not getting enough water.

So does drinking water help your hair? Of course! Yes we use water on the outside to clean our hair (and body), but drinking water will help as well. Drinking water creates better hydration, which will in turn improve circulation of nutrients in the blood to reach the scalp to make the hair stronger.

If you like drinking water then great! If you don’t like drinking water (like me) then we have issues. We MUST drink water on a daily basis to stay hydrated. How much water? At least 8 cups. I say at least because the amount of water a person needs varies on weight, activity, level and climate.

After drinking the required amount of water your body needs to stay hydrated on the inside, it’s time to work on the outside. It is just as important to keep our bodies hydrated on the outside, from head to toe! Shea butter and olive oil goes a long way! A little on the hair and enough on the skin will go a long way! Your tresses will stay hydrated and your skin will stay supple and soft. BE CAREFUL to make sure that you don’t solely wear shea butter olive oil in the sun! Using shea butter and olive oil on the skin and going out in the sun is like buttering up a turkey to be put in the oven- you will burn! One regimen you can use is after showering/bathing at night, use the shea butter and/or olive oil on your hair and skin. Then in the morning, after you freshen up, make sure to use your sun block before going out for the day. Using this regimen will help to keep your body quenched- from the inside out..







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