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Nicole Cleveland on MARRIAGE - Nicole Cleveland is a minister, motivational speaker and author of “So He Cheated, Now What?” She is also the founder of Breathe Again Magazine and host of BAM - The Radio Show ( www.breatheagainmgazine.org ) Nicole & her husband teach couples how to rebuild, restore and increase the love after infidelity. Visit her online at www.nicoleconline.com or email her at nicoleconline@gmail.com

How Can I Please You?

When you get married it’s for life (or should be). With the divorce rate in the church exceeding fifty percent, some believe that marriage is no longer sacred. Many singles are inclined not to believe in love because of the marriages they have seen crumble in front of their eyes. One week they saw Mr. & Mrs. Franklin in the congregation and now there is just one. Their very own parents were married for 20 plus years and now divorced. This is happening more and more.

Just last week my husband and I were talking about dating. The conversation was centered around first impressions and why the same effort that is put into dating is not put into marriage. It seems that once you get married (in most cases) the eagerness to want to please each other fades away. It is overpowered with lunch boxes, letters to teachers and bills. The day to day hustle of LIFE.

But God did not create this life for us to get caught up in the art of being busy. We only get one life on this earth. One life with our husband or wife. Enjoy it while you can. We know not the day nor the time we will be called home. Don’t have moments where you say, “I wish I did this with him or I wish I did that with her.” Make a moment and do it now.

Step back, slow down and get back to pleasing each other. Ask the hard questions. “Do you like it when I do that?” “What can I do to please you more?”  Put pride to the side and love on each other.







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