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By now those of us who love summer have come to grips with the fact that Fall is here, and winter is around the corner. We’ve traded our sandals, summer dresses and bathing suits for socks, boots and sweaters. I’m sure most of us take the fall and winter months to give our pocketbooks a rest. No more weekly manicures, pedicures, facials, and any other treatments used to make our temples summer-ready for the beach and vacation.

However, just because we’re now covering up 90% of our bodies from the brisk cold, call of winter, does not mean we have to stop treating ourselves. I know, you’re saying “I have to save my money for Christmas and holiday traveling to see my family; my funds won’t allow me to treat myself to the spa.

Well who says you have to go to the spa? Did you know there are products in your kitchen you could use for at home spa treatments? I challenge you ladies (and gents), instead of going to a day spa, how about a “stay” spa? That’s right! Have spa treatments in the comfort of your own home for minimal to no cost! Now the downside of that is, you won’t be lying on a table having someone slather some buttery concoction all over you, while getting those kinks out of your back. However, wouldn’t it be nice to light your own candles, put on your own fluffy robe and give yourself a mani, pedi & a facial?

When you have some time, look in your pantry. A mixture of cocoa, dried oatmeal and heavy cream are great for making a chocolate facial, which helps toward dry skin. Olive oil is not only used for cooking (and anointing), but it is a great moisturizer as well! Couple olive oil with sugar for a hand and foot scrub- add fresh strawberries or your favorite essential oil for a sweet aroma, and slough away those dead skin cells. To top it off, mix butter and sweet almond oil for a delectable moisturizer for the feet. Cover with saran wrap and booties overnight and wake up to soft, supple feet!

God requires us to take care of our temples, but not only during the months of April- September. Wouldn’t you love a glowing face, moisturized hands and supple feet all year round? I challenge you all to create a stay spa at home! For more information on stay spas and spa recipes, log on to idesignbeauty.blogspot.com










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