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Dr. Broderick Sings

Death is the act of dying, or the state of being dead. It is the place of non existence, the place where there is no more breathe, and no more life. In the Bible there are 3 types of deaths that are presented. The “Physical Death”- where as a result of sin this body that we now have must be destroyed, Eccl.12:7- “Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.”

Then we have the “Spiritual Death” which much more detrimental than the physical death because it is the separation of the individual from God.

Then you have “Eternal Death” which is the final estate of the lost person in the “lake of fire.” Revelations 20:10-14 termed it the “second death.” Why die, why death? Because of one word, disobedience. Disobedience is the neglect or the refusal to obey. Death came about because of disobedience of the first Adam, all because they ate from the tree of KNOWLEDGE. The Bible says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. And knowledge means absolutely nothing, if you don’t have understanding. When you add knowledge with understanding you have, WISDOM. Proverbs 4:7 says that wisdom is the principal thing; and with all thy getting get understanding. I ask you a question today, WHAT TREE ARE YOU EATING FROM? Are you eating from the tree of sin? If you are, I want to let you know something, there is LIFE, AFTER A DEATH!

For when I read verse 9 of Genesis chapter 2 I realized that there was another tree, the tree of life! Now this tree is also symbolic in nature, it is a prototype of a future figure, and was speaking of one that would come at the 42nd generation, out of the house of Judah.

God is the life giver! He breathes life! So that would make Jesus THE TREE OF LIFE!

Jesus, THE TREE OF LIFE, said I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly! He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from DEATH unto LIFE!

Jesus says, I am the way, the truth, and the life: No man cometh unto the Father, but by me. The Bread of Life that Jesus gave was His Life!


"Life After A Death"
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