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Dr. Broderick Sings

God showed up and interrupted all of Saul’s plans. God shot a laser beam of light out of the throne room of Heaven and knocked Saul to the ground (sometimes God has to knock us off our High horse!) Suddenly all of the Education - the Plans - the Hatred - the Condemnation that had been controlling Saul was erased in one quick flash. Saul became the accused and the condemned! The God of Heaven had Hunted down the hunter and he fell to be his prey!
When that voice came from Heaven, Saul knew this was no ordinary voice, but he didn’t know the Lord and didn’t recognize him. It was very interesting to note because those around him didn’t hear what Saul heard. They were not ready to hear.

God comes to each man in his own time and in the way that He knows will reach him, (How He got my attention, may not be how He gets yours). People who haven’t heard the voice cannot comprehend, they cannot understand the change that has taken place in us. They only know that we are different – that something has interrupted our lives and changed us in a flash.

In some ways it might seem unlikely for God to choose Saul to be one of the major leaders of the church, especially since he originally wanted to eliminate the Christians. However, we see that God uses this Roman citizen’s background for service. Nobody else has quite the background he has.

When God makes a Change in our lives, no one else has quite the Background that you have. I know some of us have some tough backgrounds, but -- you were designed for service.

When God makes a change in our lives we will be able to tell those that know us, those that know our past –That was Then, This is Now. When we hear the voice of God speak to our situation, our lives have been changed.

Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me”. And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. The bible says, “There are many plans in a man’s heart, nevertheless the counsel of Lord, that shall stand” He was apprehended by Jesus. Sometimes we’re cruising along in life and think we’ve got it all figured out and then all of a sudden the bottom drops out! Something hits us between the eyes. We may think it is just our circumstances, or we have a health scare, we get a pink slip at work or a close call driving down the highway—but is that all it is? When God interrupts or apprehends us, we may think, “Maybe God is talking to me, maybe what happened was just a coincidence.” There are No Coincidences just God-Incidences. God has a plan in everyone’s life. Just Hold on, your Change Will come!

You will be able to say –That Was Then, This is Now – God has made a Difference in my Life.

He Changed Me!

Deborah Jenkins
"I Know I've Been Changed. That was then, This is Now."
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