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Dr. Broderick Sings

We’ve all had seasons in our lives where we’ve been pushed to that breaking point! The point when we’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work!

I’m talking about a day where everything seems to be going wrong! When you’re scared to ask, “What else could go wrong?” These are the days when you are at your wits end! These are the days when your head is pounding your patience is short and you feel like running outside to scream but you can’t even find your shoes! Anyone who sees you, when you’re having one of these days, might think that you are, “A Basket Case!”

A basket case is a term that historians say began back in World War I to describe quadruple amputees. The soldiers who had been shot up so badly (would have their arms and legs amputated) and then they would carry them away in baskets! Today in our society we use the term, “basket case” to describe a person whose actions borders mental instability! People who do strange or odd things for no apparent reason!

But for those of you who may be feeling like a basket case today the Lord would have me to tell his people: to hang in there and be of good cheer, because He is still in control! As Christians, we need to understand that nobody told us, “that the road would be easy!” In fact…temptations, troubles, heartaches and pain are waiting for us just around the corner! But we cannot lose hope, we cannot live in fear, because when it appears as if the devil is about to put our heads in a basket, God will show up every time, and He’ll make everything alright!

Paul told his story for the benefit of those who were frustrated! Because if anyone had a reason to be burnt out, frustrated or ready to throw in the towel…it would have been Paul! Paul really suffered! He was given 39 lashes 5 times by the Jews! Now, that in itself would be enough to break the spirit of any ordinary person!

• 3 times he was beaten with rods! Once he was stoned! 3 times he was shipwrecked (he spent a whole night and a day adrift at sea)

• He faced danger and he lived with weariness, pain and sleepless nights! The story says that once he was in Damascus, the governor under King Aretas kept guards at the city gates to catch him but he was lowered in a basket through a window in the city wall and that’s how he made his escape!

Make no mistake about it, Paul was a bona-fide “Basket Case!” However, in all of his suffering God gave him strength! Each time that it appeared as if Paul would face defeat, he became a basket case, but God swept him away to safety and victory! The same God who delivered Paul back then is right here to deliver you and me today!

When trouble pokes its ugly head into our lives, the word of God tells us what to do; we are supposed to call on the name of Jesus! We serve a God who specializes in Basket Cases!

• He specializes in mending – the broken hearted!
• He specializes in building – up what has been torn down!
• He specializes in restoring – what has been thrown away!
• He specializes in renewing – what has been worn out!
• He specializes in drying the tear stained eyes!
• He specializes in saving souls that have been lost!

Be assured that God loves you, today, tomorrow and always!

Deborah Jenkins
Pastor Thomas Cooper
"A Basket Case"
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