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"Giving Thanks To All"
By Phillip Brazile Freelance Writer, CEO of Philosophy Media, Inc.

Thanksgiving season is upon us.  If you are like me, then you are already imagining the glorious spread of food that will be prepared and how much food you will consume that day of thanksgiving.  It is one of my favorite times of the year because, for a moment, we pause with family and friends to give thanks to God for all the many blessings He has bestowed upon us. However, the day has become so commercialized and the thanks have become minimized and exploited with food, and black Friday sales. It used to be a day that not many places of business were not even open. Now, more business are taking advantage of shoppers being off, and  are  now opening for business in hopes you will have your dinner early and get in their line and patronize.

Family dinners and the little time that we do spend together are jeopardized.   I asked myself a question. “What do I have to be grateful for?“ The truth is a wholelot.  The evening news would make you believe that tragedy is a common thing and blessings are a rarity. However, the same God that has the whole world in his hands, definitely can keep you in worldly threatening issues. It is true so much does go on in the world; everything from Ebola and diseases breaking out, to racial injustices of young men, and political differences that divide nations.  Just in a minute’s notice, people are being abducted and children are being forgotten by their very own parents in unsafe situations.

Thanksgiving, to me, is more than what the world portrays its original meaning to be.  It is more than the questionable story of the Mayflower and the Pilgrims and the Indians having dinner and smoking a peace pipe. For me, thanksgiving is a day to acknowledge the seeds that were planted for you:  the big and small ones.  It is a great time to send that Thank you card to that former supervisor  that gave  you a recommendation for you new job, a great time to thank that teacher or professor that was instrumental in your success, that cousin that took the time to help learn how to skate and dance.

Send a card to that neighbor who always gets your mail when you are out of town. Send a gratitude card to elder aunts and uncles who always have encouraging words or inviting arms. Send a card of appreciation to your pastor who gives you great sermons.  Send a card to sales clerk who was so nice to you.  Send a card to the children’s teacher who is always so gracious.  Just send a card or give words of love to loved ones to simply let them know you appreciate their existence. Recognize all of the people who have sown into your life.   It is a day to appreciate the little blessings along the way. I challenge you this Thanksgiving to give thanks to all.










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